• Don’t play with businesses that can’t win. Businesses that are number 3, number 5 in their market – Christ couldn’t fix those businesses. They’re going to lose anyway.Jack Welch, former CEO, GE


Design Thinking Week
Design Thinking Week
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20 października Matrix Thinking Polska brał udział w Krakowie w Design Thinking Week 2014, imprezie współorganizowanej przez Creative Cracow, Konsulat Generalny Stanów Zjednoczonych i Google for Entrepreneurs Kraków. Dziękujemy organizatorom za wyjątkowo kreatywne wspólne warsztaty i możliwość prezentacji.

Serdecznie zapraszamy na warsztaty otwarte oparte na metodzie Matrix Thinking™, które odbędą się 2 i 3 grudnia 2014 w Warszawie. Liczba miejsc ograniczona. Wszystkie szczegóły można znaleźć na stronie MM Conferences: http://mmcpolska.pl/event/narzedzia-la-salle-innovation-matrix

Part 3 of a series of recordings on Innovation Training done with Deloitte for the "Deloitte Innovation Academy".

Roger LaSalle is the creator of the "Matrix Thinking" technique and is widely sought after as an international speaker on innovation, opportunity and business development. Roger shares lessons he has learnt from his dog on making chance predictable.

UNEMPLOYMENT – Services are not the answer!
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Unemployment – Services are not the answer! By Roger La Salle. The demise of Australia. The last of the auto makers has now decided to exit Australia, that’s not a surprise. How can anybody hope to compete on the world stage with labour prices in Australia amongst the very highest in the world and with such a relatively small population to service? Few people seem to understand! I am reminded of a speech Julia Gillard gave to the United Nations where she stated that the…