• We are always looking for practical, relevant and outcome focused methods to drive value out of innovation programs – but we rarely find them. Roger has delivered yet another systematic and structured approach to ideation applied to the ever growing services industry.Mr. Matt McIntyre, General Manager, Innovation Academy, Deloitte


Innovate or perish


Roger La Salle

A structured approach for innovation in the services sector, including metrics for service efficiency. Also includes a method to develop problem specific thinking matrices.

Published in 2010, 162 pages A5

Price: 49,00zł


The author in this book actually provides structure to the innovation of service enterprises. Further, the book is aptly titled Innovate or Perish, as we all should by now realize the vital importance that innovation plays in the very survival and development of our businesses. This is a book that I am sure breaks some new ground. Apart from commodities, the Western world is rapidly moving towards being dominated by service industries. Thus the emphasis on innovation can now be applied to services, just as it has been applied to the manufacturing sector – the “tangibles”. It’s about time we had a book of this type, one of the few I am aware of that attempts to drill deeply into this subject in an extremely simple but powerful manner. Further, not only do we see a methodology for innovation in the services sector, also included are two additional chapters that provide new insights. Chapter 9 on Innovation Trajectory, with the examples given, provides great insight into extrapolating a service of a known kind and a traceable history, to perhaps identify with some high degree of certainty where the move to the next level should be. Also, Chapter 10 on Metrics for service innovation is a welcome innovation in itself. I had not seen this type of metric applied to services before, but this is so clear and strongly analogous to metrics in the world of tangibles that it is easy to embrace and implement.

Thanks go to Roger for his endeavours in creating yet more intellectual property in the innovation space. I thoroughly commend this book to those who want to move their industry to the next level.

Peter Williams
Chief Executive Officer
Deloitte Digital Australia